Popular Destinations For Business Trips

There are many reasons for a business trip. In addition to the annual holiday, nowadays business factors are often the reason for a trip to other European or international countries. This is due to the fact that companies and businesses either work with partner companies in Europe or worldwide or have subsidiaries in the respective countries.

Usually, a business trip involves meetings with local companies, monitoring production sites or specific training. Do you also belong to the travelling faction in your company or do you travel the world as a self-employed person in order to establish contacts for your company?

The following article informs you about the 8 most popular European and international destinations for business trips and tells you what to look out for as well as how to use your few hours of private free time in the metropolises.

The 4 most popular business destinations in Europe

If you are planning a business trip to a European metropolis in the near future, the following tips will support you with important travel and behavioural information.

Destination 1: Paris – The French business centre

The capital of France is not only known as a city of love, but also as THE French economic centre. However, the French have a relatively relaxed attitude to work, which is why it can happen that the meeting starts 15 minutes later. Nevertheless, you are punctual, because just because your business partner is politely late doesn’t mean that you are too.

Especially if you represent your business. In the meetings themselves, business partners may want to deviate from the planned schedule and see how their counterparts are coping. Self-portrayal is the key to success here.

A very important tip for business lunches is that French businessmen don’t like to talk about business topics during the main course. Normally, they are added over coffee and dessert. They pay together – separate bills are not common in Paris.

Tip: Paris offers numerous attractions and sights. Use your spare time on your business trip to discover the French capital. If you want to enjoy a unique view over the city, the panorama terrace of the Printemps department store is recommended. A croissant and a cup of coffee will give your business trip a new perspective.

Goal 2: Brussels – The Belgian headquarters of the European Union

As the Belgian capital and seat of the European Union, Brussels is one of the most popular destinations for a business trip. Although many people in Brussels speak German, it is advisable for business travellers to have a good French vocabulary.

Also avoid a too strong handshake when greeting. In Brussels it is more advisable to shake hands gently. Similar rules apply to the table as in Germany.

Tip: Brussels is a city full of architectural wonders. We recommend the Jubelpark, which is a synonym for the history of the Belgian capital. There are also exhibition halls with museums inside. In this way you combine culture with history and get an exciting new insight into your business destination.

Goal 3: Zurich – the Swiss business metropolis

Already in the 18th century the capital of Switzerland established a certain supremacy in the economy. It was only in the course of the 19th century that the banking and insurance boom began, so that numerous financial and service service providers settled in Zurich. To this day, the city is one of the most frequently visited economic metropolises.

Business travellers from Germany are the first to say goodbye to the typical mentality of their home country. While the Germans like to deal with everything straightforwardly and directly, the Swiss are prepared to work together in harmony and compromise.

Important for a meeting: Ideas have to be introduced bit by bit so that the business partners can get involved. In this context, the Swiss don’t like it so much when boasts and arrogance conquer the conference room. Stay modest and show that you do a good job.

Tip: Lake Zurich is definitely worth a visit. It is a real magnet for the Swiss capital. Here you will find numerous restaurants and the so-called pumping station, where you can get something to drink and eat and then enjoy the Alpine panorama.

Relaxing at Lake Zurich is a must for business travellers. Here it is easier for you to relax and discover the beauty of your surroundings in addition to the stressful daily business routine.

Objective 4: London – The British capital

Whether printing and publishing, finance or tourism, London is a diverse metropolis with a variety of industries. No wonder that the British capital, together with Vienna, occupies the first places of the most frequent business destinations. A big advantage is the informal form of address. Even managing directors are addressed directly by you.

This not only ensures that a personal and trusting relationship develops more quickly, but also a pleasant working atmosphere. While the Germans get to the core of the business relatively quickly, the English appreciate the classic small talk, which is why business travellers can talk quietly about the British climate before moving on to the business part. Courtesy is written in capital letters and criticism is nicely packaged, which is something you should always bear in mind at meetings and staff appraisals.

Tip: Culture lovers get their money’s worth in London. In the evening, when the meetings are over, you can use the free entrance to the city’s museums. If you want to bring something for your loved ones, stop by the Borough Market. You’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for here.

Author: Jason B. Villarreal

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