Dog Fence Wire – Which Type to Choose?

Are you perplexed concerning which cord to utilize when getting your digital dog fence. The 2 most usual types of canine fencing cable are 18 Gage and 20 Gage. Which should you choose for your situation and why? Certainly, both gages help all below ground fencing systems or Innotek, PetSafe or various other producers would certainly not load their dog fence systems with 20 Gage cord.

Boundary Technologies pack their dog fencing systems with 20 g or 18 g. This pet dog fencing wire can often be really hard to discover, as individual rolls, unless the seller in fact markets the dog fencing kits and sometimes they do not also sell the additional cable rolls individually.

Nonetheless, there are some recommended standards that will certainly assist you determine which pet fencing cord will be much better for you. 18 Gage is stronger and also extra sturdy and long enduring than 20 Gage Boundary wire. Solid core copper cord is far better than stranded cord.

Right here are some guidelines to follow:

Use 18 Gage if you have

Rocky soil or rocks
If you are not hiding the wire
Many trees or plant life
Larger than 5 acres

Use 20 Gage if you have:

Loose sandy or clay dirt
Placing wire beside a fence
Few trees or greenery
5 acres or smaller sized location

PLEASE NOTE – It’s easy to install if you’re setting a digital canine fence over ground, you will certainly require to use lawn staples every 5 feet to keep the cord in place. If the wire moves around after that the pet will end up being overwhelmed regarding where his boundaries are. These are offered in bundles of regarding 100 staples. One bundle will certainly take care of one 500 foot spindle of cord. Where you reduced grass, it is best to hide the cord.

A few important tips to bear in mind when purchasing a fencing system:

-Mounting the cable underground the very best device to use is an edger, a gas powered lawn edger or an edger that additionally lays cable television at the same time, it could be called a cord layer or edger-trencher. The cord just needs to be hidden 2 -3 in however can go deeper if you desire.

-Never blend 2 types of cable! Combined cable can provide you signal problems and affect the performance of your system. If you utilize 20 Gage stranded to start, after that stick with 20 Gage stranded. Don’t go from stranded to solid core. The exact same opts for all the various kinds as well as dimensions of cord. If greater than 500 foot is being purchased for larger locations, ensure that additional wire is the same type of wire.

– If you are utilizing the pre-twisted cord you should utilize 20 Gage twisted cable with 20 Gage strong core cable and if you are utilizing 18 Gage wire for your fence you have to make use of 18 Gage twisted cable. Pre-twisted wire is use to produce a portal or location where the dog can cross the pet fence cord and also not obtain an excitement or shock from his collar.

-NEVER attach or weave dog your secure fencing cable with a CHAIN LINK FENCE or steel fencing; it will negatively impact the performance of the fence systems.

-If you have an existing fencing that your pet jumps, climbs up over or digs under, it would be best to put the electrical fence cord a minimum of one foot inside the existing fence, not connect it to the existing fencing. By doing this the dog will be able to obtain the collar, he is putting on, to cross the cable so as to get a shock. If the pet fence cable is also near the existing wood or wire mesh fence then the canine will certainly not get a shock and also not be deterred.

-If you are running the dog fencing wire experiencing a woodland or greatly treed area, where you can not bury the cord, just leave it externally. Usage staples or trees to keep the wire in place as well as the ground will mature over it. It is necessary to hide the wire where you will be cutting grass over the wire.

-The cable is waterproof with a Polyurethane finish as well as can also undergo damp or swampy locations as well as still function simply fine.

-IMPORTANT, if your are ordering added rolls of cord, you should always buy an added set of 50 boundary flags with every additional roll of 500 foot of cord that you acquisition. It is very important for your family pet to know the boundary. If you buy 1500 foot of cable for instance, you need to get 150 limit flags.

Author: Jason B. Villarreal

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