Business Trips: Minimizing Waiting Times

Whether on the train or at the airport: waiting times are annoying – especially if you are on business. Because then important working time is usually lost. And you don’t have the peace and quiet to relax. So we’ll tell you how you can work better on business trips, effectively minimize waiting times and bridge them with content work.

If you had guessed it: 93 percent of all business people use business trips to complete their preparations for appointments, according to an HP study conducted in 2013. Today, a few years later, working on business trips has become even easier thanks to technical requirements such as WLAN at the airport and WLAN in the ICE. Our tips will tell you what to bear in mind.

Working on business trips: Tip #1 – Confidential remains confidential

One experiences it again and again: business people on journeys talk very openly and sometimes even surprisingly loudly on their mobile phones or with other partners about professional projects, contracts, cooperations or the like. Most things are confidential information.

This not only leaves a bad impression and can seriously damage the company. And: As a rule, other travellers feel disturbed. So if you have confidential matters to discuss on the way, they will withdraw. At airports, for example, there are meeting rooms that can be booked. Or do you have access to airport lounges? Then you usually have the appropriate rooms available here.

Working on business trips: Tip #2 – Protection from prying eyes

One observes it again and again: The seat neighbor looks interested at the documents or at the screen of the working businessman. Not so much to actually access sensitive information, but much more out of curiosity. Nevertheless, you should make sure that the person sitting next to you cannot read everything. Try to organize your documents discreetly. For laptops, on the other hand, there are special screen slides that make it almost impossible to read anything on the screen from an oblique position.

Working on business trips: Tip #3 – Putting on the right gadgets

Mobile work on business trips is extremely important these days. But if you don’t want to rely on connections in hotels, airports or restaurants, you should provide your own WLAN. For example, there are portable WLAN routers that allow unlimited surfing.

Portable rechargeable batteries, the so-called Power Bar or Power Bank, ensure that you don’t run out of juice on the go. With them, any device can be recharged even without a direct power connection. But be careful! Before you leave, make sure that the Power Bank is fully charged. We also know the best gadgets for business trips.

Working on business trips: Tip #4 – Use coworking spaces

We know: The most effective way to work is in a real workplace. However, the business traveller does not always have the opportunity to get a job with a business partner during a longer stay. Productive work on business trips is still possible, thanks to coworking spaces. In many cities, there are centrally located providers who rent out offices for a few hours or longer.

You can find a coworking map for Germany here. You are only in town for a short time and want to set up your office for a few hours? Then providers like are interesting, who offer vacant hotel rooms for a period or a day (without overnight stay and for a fair price).

For everyday problems of all kinds, you can now find so-called “Life Hacks” on numerous blogs that solve difficult situations with simple ideas as ingenious little helpers. But what about business trips that take us out of everyday life and bring their own difficulties with them? In order to solve this problem, we have put together some “Business Travel Hacks” for you to make your next business trip smarter.

Smart = Environmentally conscious

If you are smart today, you also think about the environment. Is it really necessary to get on the plane for every little thing? If you put ecological concerns first, the business trip, whether by car, train or train, is always a loser compared to video conferences. Nevertheless, business trips are still worthwhile, for example to network internationally dispersed teams or to clarify important deals vis-à-vis.

Paper – what is it?

Paper is increasingly becoming a relic of days gone by. This applies especially to business trips – and is not only good for the environment. Too often you forget important papers in the office or lose confidential documents in travel stress. But if you have your documents at hand in the cloud, you can access them virtually anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

The same applies, of course, to mobile train or plane tickets and notes that can be collected on a smartphone instead of paper.

Smart connected – no matter where

A hotel room without free WLAN? Taboo! Often, however, the speed of the connections leaves something to be desired; some hotels limit access to a certain number of users. A more reliable connection is provided by your own portable WLAN router, which also ensures barrier-free working at the airport or on the way by train.

Author: Jason B. Villarreal

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