Business Trip

Good preparation is even more important for me on a business trip than on a private trip. A good and proven checklist makes packing and the business trip more challenging – and perhaps even more successful.

Of course the trip has to be planned and possibly booked, representation in the office (and in the household) has to be organised, but this article is about the travel hacks, i.e. small tips about packing your suitcase for the business trip.

I asked friends and colleagues about their proven tricks and also about breakdowns and embarrassing situations they could have avoided by better packing organisation. And here are my tips for your business trip:

The 8 most important Travel Hacks for the business trip

Scan documents and mail them to yourself

If your passport, tickets or required visa documents are lost or stolen, you can’t travel anymore. Therefore you should pack the documents again as a copy (e.g. additionally in a suitcase) and scan the documents and send them to your own e-mail account.

Of course, you still have to pay attention to your passport, because you can’t leave many countries without the original. A copy won’t help – but it will speed up the process of issuing replacement papers.

Leave indispensable items in a culture bag or suitcase

A silk pantyhose can break, but holes in pantyhose unfortunately look very unkempt. It is better to pack one or more spare tights, depending on the trip. Otherwise, like my friend B., you might have to check out shops in a strange city at night and the station kiosk afterwards.

My girlfriend and I have (independently of each other ;-)) after a few such mishaps got the indispensable simply twice. – We don’t unpack it any more, it has proved very successful.

By the way, in case of a silk stocking emergency the hotel reception helped out with a silk tights. There are certainly also spare utensils for other emergencies – just ask.

Essential items in hand luggage, please note package sizes

For longer stays at the airport or with lost suitcases it is practical to have the most important things in your hand luggage:

Cash and papers
Contact details of your business partners
Adapter (depending on destination)
Smartphone with charging cable
Laptop with charging cable
Reserve clothing for one day

For security reasons, only small quantities of liquids may be carried in hand luggage for most air travel. For hand luggage, get shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. in travel sizes. How it works at the airport is described here.

Powerbank – Independent of the socket with battery packs

Surely you can charge your smartphone somewhere on the way. But you’ll have more independence from the wall socket with an additional power bank. These special battery packs even fit in your pocket and are ideal for a more relaxed business trip.

Do not forget orientation aids

After a subway ride and in the fog I got lost in London (even in the company of my husband ;-). My dream at that time: To read the map correctly with the help of a compass!

Directions, navigation devices, smartphones and corresponding map material help you to find your way in foreign territory. If you are on foot, you might (like me in the future) also pack a small compass.

Checklist for your luggage – business trip

Most things can be bought at the destination, but not always immediately. Important things should therefore not be forgotten: Travel documents, credit card, charging cable, shaver, toothbrush, monthly hygiene articles, earplugs, silk stockings, hairbrush.

Create a checklist “business trip”, that will save time and nerves in the future. Here you will find my ultimate checklist for hand luggage. You can create the checklist either on paper or simply electronically in your smartphone. Very important: If you miss something on the spot – enter it in your list right away. Then you’ll have it with you next time.

Less is easier

I like to travel with little luggage and am not alone with it, because “if you want to travel happily, travel with light luggage”, said Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Light and handy luggage also makes you happy on business trips when the connections are short. So resist the temptation to pack EVERYTHING – limit yourself to what is necessary.

Packing and choosing the right suitcase

I prefer to pack everything at once (with the help of my packing list), because when I always pack something into my suitcase for several days, I often forget what is already in the suitcase and what is still missing. Then there is unnecessary hectic and insecurity. A nice side effect of packing in one piece: If you have everything you want to pack ready, you can also see at a glance which suitcase is suitable for this business trip.

Avoid jet lag

Most employees cannot choose where they want to go. Those who travel a lot and for a long time may have to struggle with jet lag. It is best for travellers to match their own daily rhythm to their destination a few days before departure. Drink and exercise as much as possible. As a rule of thumb: a quarter of a litre of water per flight hour.

Where to put the data?

If you have company-internal documents, information or files with you, you should make sure they are stored securely. Protocols, forms or contracts should never be publicly visible – neither at home nor when travelling.

The same applies to electronic data. Make sure your laptop, tablet, or other mobile device is secured. Those who use personal devices for business should ensure that corporate documents and personal information on the smartphone are separated and protected.

Travelling by train

Business travellers who have a long journey ahead of them and also want to work efficiently on the train should consider reserving a seat with an electrical outlet. Those who want to use the Internet for research purposes should make sure that the desired train has WLAN. And those who want to make phone calls should also make sure that they are not sitting in a quiet compartment.